Welcome to Worldia, we have over 25 years of expertise.
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Worldia PCD tools Improve the quality of workpiece surface for processing efficiency.
In the right application,Worldia CBN Tools can reduce your tooling cost significantly.
Maximum reduce time for changing tools.Whether high chip removal, consistecy,or flatness.
Make it happen to create appropriate solutions that can solve the "pain point" issues.
Supower CVD diamond products are used in cutting and dressing, optics and thermal applications.
Diamond scribing wheels for TFT-LCD,AMOLED Panel,OGS,Cover lens.
Worldia Solutions Cutting Video
As a national hi-tech enterprise, Worldia focuses upon R & D, production, sales and service of high precision diamond cutting tools. Our product catalogue mainly covers high-precision PCBN/PCD/CVD cutting tools, diamond scribing wheels and related accessories.
We provide high Credibility products with Unique solutions by advanced Technology and our Devoted Team.
We prefer to listen the inner voice of clients then provide solutions.We are partners with many prominent companies globally.
As a technology-driven enterprise,we are always thinking forward to the future.We are NEW made in China.
We always pay special attention to intellectual property rights - patents are wealth.
We currently have 452 people in total, 105 of these people are members of the R&D team.
Latest News
We provide high Credibility products with Unique solutions by Advanced Technology and our Devoted Team.
The solutions for machining the outer outline of the engine housing.
Boys and Girls enjoys the big time on Worlidia Children`s Day.
Jiaxing Worldia is 220,660 ft²,It is planned to be put into service by the end of 2018,So,we will soon have 3 factories totalling over 1 milliion ft².
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